Batel Grill The story so far

The story begins back in the 1970s in Brazil’s barbecue capital, New Brescia, a city 170 km from Porto Alegre, when a number of local gauchos moved north to settle in Curitiba.

The gaucho barbeque tradition they brought with them began in Curitiba in 1974, but it was only in the 1990s that the whole barbeque concept, or churrasco, began to change.

The idea arose of creating a steakhouse offering sophisticated cuisine, new standards of service, and wide-ranging dishes to suit all tastes.

Based on this model, the Batel Grill opened its doors in 2002, and since then has prided itself on high quality, varied food, plus attentive service. Located in the Batel district, the restaurant’s innovative architectural design and layout features superbly appointed furnishings, all designed to give maximum comfort to our guests.

Run by husband and wife team Cristiano and Ana Cláudia Mocellin, the Batel Grill has been setting new standards of success ever since opening day, through constant innovation and seeking out the finest foods to offer our diners. With one location only, Cristiano and Ana Cláudia are always around to focus on the details, and ensure our staff members receive the finest in specialized restaurant training.

Batel Grill. We’re much more than a steakhouse. Come and see for yourself!


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